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Matrix Shaker
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Achieve Peak Performance with the coldest shaker around.







Shaken, Not Stirred

 Long gone are the days of metal balls scratching on the sides of a metal tumbler, or bouncing on the bottom of an empty bottle. The Matrix Shaker uses a removable mixing matrix that twists into the bottom of the Matrix Shaker lid. No matter how thick the substance, the Mixing Matrix will blend it!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Can I put my Matrix Shaker in the dishwasher?

Our tumblers are made of military grade stainless steel and a scratch resistant powder coating which can be put through a dishwasher and come out looking flawless!

Q: How about the lid, can that go in the dishwasher?

Yup! Want it extra clean? Remove the seal and mixing matrix from the bottom. Make sure the seal is replaced with the angles pointed the right direction!

Q: Do Matrix Shakers Sweat?

Nope! With our double walled insulated shaker your tumbler wont become moist and get your hands all wet in between sets!

Q: Do Matrix Shakers use a metal ball?

Nope! our matrix shaker uses a mixing matrix that doesn't move while mixing!

Q: How do I make the best shakes with a Matrix Shaker?

We have found if you put in water first, then your powder on top, it will mix your drink into a silky smooth shake ready to drink!

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